Magma (formerly Phoenix)

We are building a mobile wallet for Tezos. We’ve been working on this project for several months, and since it’s open source, you can follow our progress here. It’s called Magma. We are thankful to the Tezos Foundation for providing us with the funding to make this possible.

Version 1.0

Magma will launch on both Android and iOS simultaneously. It will support the FA1.2 token standard, and FA2 when it is ready.

This is a non-custodial wallet. In case your phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed, your funds can be recovered from a seed phrase.

Dexter, our decentralized exchange, will be natively integrated into the wallet. You will be able to easily swap, send, and receive tokens from within the app.

We are nearing completion! In a few weeks we will begin beta testing. If you want to participate, email us at

Future Versions

DeFi Integration

We would like to see a decentralized finance ecosystem develop on Tezos, and we want Magma to provide an excellent user experience for interacting with DeFi applications. Accordingly, we will integrate the most important elements of DeFi directly into Magma. We are starting with our own project, Dexter, but in the future we hope to add native support for other applications as they emerge.

Keeping up with Standards and Protocols

Development on Tezos in ongoing, and we want Magma to evolve along with the protocol and the ecosystem by adding support for many cool upcoming projects. A few examples:

Beacon is a wallet/dapp connection standard for Tezos. The project is still in development, and before we can add support, we need to build native Beacon SDKs for Android and iOS. This is on our roadmap. Once we have Beacon integrated, users will be able to easily connect to any web-based dapp supporting this standard.

The Sapling protocol is coming to Tezos. We are following this project closely, and we will add native support to our wallet as soon as we can. Imagine sending and receiving shielded transactions from your phone!

Smart Wallet

Our long-term plan is to evolve Magma into a smart contract wallet based on a social fund recovery protocol. We will have a lot more to say about this later ;)